I’ll Buy It

I hate 99 percent of all television ads because the people behind them seem to try their darnest to insult our intelligence. In response, I do an occasional post on this blog of television ads I do like, as a bit of positive reinforcement. I want to demonstrate to the marketers of the world that most people, or at least people like me, are receptive to their messages if they:

—Think we have half a brain

—-Don’t yell at us

—-Don’t try to rip us off

Here’s one ad I like, from, of all places, the Calgary (Alberta) Public Library.

Here’s a sad and, to my mind, brutally effective one from Mothers Against Drunk Driving:

Finally, this 2003, for Honda Accord, reflects my bias: I love Rube Goldberg:

What do you think of these? Do you have any nominations for great advertisements?

One Response to “I’ll Buy It”

  1. Denis Says:

    it’s impossible to choose my favorite since they are all incredible. where do you find all these wonderful commercials?

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