Loving the Crazies

I love the Westboro Baptist Church. Love them!

The Westboro Baptist Church is that small, vile band of “Christians” who are famous for their “God Hates Fags” signs. I think their leader, Fred Phelps, doth protest too much, but that’s another story.

So why in the world would I love this strange little band of losers?  Because more and more, they are inspiring great acts of random, loopy street theater. They’ve really put the fun back in fundamentalism.

In the photo, a guy brings his “God Hates Signs” sign to a happy little WBC event.

Check out the latest video of one of their protests, last week in Long Beach, California. Watch especially for the offbeat signs people brought to the raucous counter-demonstration.

Plus they’re the best advertisement for the very things they’re protesting against.  The WBC is so clownish, of course people are going to go for whatever they’re against.

Plus I’m fascinated by them. Do they really believe what they say? Do they realize everyone is laughing AT them, and certainly not WITH them? Why the big focus on gays?

Look,  I  know that any hate group, including the Westboro Baptist Church, is dangerous and a scourge. The Southern Poverty Law Center has an excellent and very sad overview of how bad the WBC is. Leader Fred Phelps bullies people relentlessly, especially in Topeka, Kansas, where they are headquartered, according to the SPLC.  People who should be tamping them down are often cowed. Police won’t arrest them if they break the law. Politicans are too afraid to weigh in against them.

But the people who  participate in these offbeat, zany and random counter protests against Westboro Baptist Church have hit upon the most effective ways to destroy them and their ilk.

Laughter and derision can wilt and put an end to  hate groups as effectively as Roundup on dandelions.

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