Snow afterglow

I’m still either enjoying or suffering from yesterday’s big soggy snowstorm, I’m not sure which.  Clearing 14 inches of slush from my long driveway was certainly a very nice workout. It was warm this morning, and the work was intense enough that I was down to a t-shirt and I was still roasting.

I probably would have been comfortably warm shoveling naked, though I’m not sure my neighbors would have been so comfortable with such a scene.

I’ve got a couple more pictures from the storm.

The first one shows Interstate 89 just south of St. Albans as I drove to work yesterday morning.

Second one is my driveway this morning. The snowbank is taller than I am.

And the third pic shows the semi-havoc in St. Albans with snow, bad roads, and traffic signals not working due to power failures.

The weather keeps getting weirder and weirder. It’s supposed to be warm with more rain than snow today and tonight way up here in northern Vermont. The exact same storm is causing a near-blizzard and deep snow around Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. So the further north you go, the warmer it gets. Should I be planning a sunny tropical weekend getaway in lovely Labrador?

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