Mouse That Roared

Talk about mouse adventures. Since I’m fascinated by the good and bad in advertisting, I sometimes search for interesting examples, and I found a good one.

This ad is  for Nolan’s Cheddar, a product I’d never heard of before.   It even has cheesy music at the beginning. Watch it, it has a really cool story arc.

What attracts me to this is it’s simple, it has some funny sight gags, and doesn’t hit me over the head with a fevered product pitch. I don’t know much more about Nolan’s Cheddar than before I watched the ad, but now I want to try it, if only because the ad made me laugh.

Putting people in a good mood makes them want to try your product. Pissing people off has the opposite effect. Are you listening, purveyors of Internet pop-up ads?

One Response to “Mouse That Roared”

  1. Denis Says:

    forget spinach…i want some of that cheese instead! love the ad. thanks for posting.

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