No Privacy (ctd.)

Remember how I whined the other day about the lack of privacy in today’s society?

It might be even worse than I thought. A Pennsylvania school district is accused of spying on students via their school-issued laptops, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Macs the students got have a feature where a photo can be remotely shot from the laptop. The intent was to snap a picture of whoever opened one of the laptops after they stole it. Fine.

But a student now says he was disciplined by the school for inappropriate behavior at home that was captured by the laptop camera. Said camera was triggered by a school admininstrator the student said.

There is now what promises to be a messy lawsuit in the works. School officials aren’t commenting much on this. I’m sure there will be more revelations to come.

If the school did this, heads better roll. As noted in the Inquirer article, school officials have no right to go into a students house, via any venue, without an invite. Or at least a police warrant.

Assuming this really happened, didn’t school administrators have enough to do at the school without spying on the kids?  With the ubiquity of computers nowadays, does the school really want the kids to avoid using them, and learning about them? And who do the school administrators think they are spying on kids at home? If the kids are misbehaving at home, shouldn’t it be the parents who tackle the problem?

There are no reports of other school districts doing this, but I really have to wonder.

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