Murder Mystery

So how exactly was shooting her university colleagues going to help?

I’m talking about that college professor in Alabama who shot three people to death during a faculty meeting last Friday.

Apparently, neuroscientist Amy Bishop was going to be denied tenure, so she responded by shooting.

Since the murders, some stuff has come out on her background. She may or may not have killed her brother in 1986. She may or may not have sent somebody a pipe bomb years ago.

All murders are strange and scary to me, as they are to most people. But I really wonder the most about ones like this, where she had so much to lose, if she is indeed guilty.

She was being denied tenure, but she was still a hot shot at a biotech company. Her future still would have been pretty good, better than most people, had she accepted the loss at the university and moved on.

So if she did it, why? Mental illness is one explanation, but how did the illness cause this? What was her thought process as she decided to kill people? Was her anger that intense that it blinded her to what would happen to her if she carried out this awful deed? How can anger get that intense?

Most people fight tooth and nail, but honorably, to get ahead in this world. She succeeded. I and most of my friends struggle to stay afloat in life  one way or another, but we’re making it. All of us make mistakes, but none of us would cavalierly throw it all a way in a picque of anger.

You really have to wonder why someone would discard everything she accomplished for the, I don’t know, joy? revenge? of a few minutes of gunfire.  It’s none of my business, but I’m still morbidly fascinated.

2 Responses to “Murder Mystery”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I think the one thing you have to remember, when someone is in the place she mentally found herself, she wasn’t hitting on all pistons. Or in her field, she wasn’t firing on all neurons. Funny how someone in her field can be so smart and at the same time missing the basics of human reasoning. As a college professor, I know how stressful the tenure process is. I’ve nurtured four of my own faculty through it and had to recently go through the evaluation for full professor. This is not only intellectually a taxing process but one that digs deeper into a person’s morale and reason to exist. To be denied is the greatest slap in the face any professor can get. It’s saying “you are not at a caliper this institution values.” I think I rather take a public flogging. Guess we’ve just taken a new step in our evolution as a society. Remember when we used the phrase “going postal”? Now what do we say? Going Neurological????????? Yikes

  2. kim Says:

    “Made it, Ma! Top of the world!” – James Cagney as Cody Jarrett in White Heat, 1949

    I think madness has always been fascinating to many.

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