Spring on Paper

It’s snowing in northern Florida today, which reinforces the sense that there is no warm air left in the south. Does that mean spring will never arrive?

On the other hand, the February sun in Vermont today feels pretty warm, so maybe there really is some hope for spring.

This is the time of year where we pine for just one pale green shoot coming out of the ground to signal the arrival of spring. We know that won’t happen for a long time, so we resort to experiencing spring on paper.

You know what I mean. We gaze lovingly at seed catalogs, with all those luscious pictures of vegetables and fruit. The spring issue of Vermont Life just came out, and we similarly drool over the bright, polarized photos of springtime green. I swear some of us (Ok, me) are worse than perverts looking at hard core porn when it comes to the photo spread in the spring Vermont Life.

Then there’s the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.  It appeared on newsstands, right on schedule, a week or so ago.

Not much greenery in that, but it is a harbinger of spring for some  guys who long to see what’s depicted in Sports Illustrated on Burlington’s North Beach. (Good luck guys, the crowd at North Beach, even on the hottest days in July,  isn’t quite as, shall we say, healthy and bountiful as the Sports Illustrated gals. Sorry)

The sun sets at 5:17 p.m. today. That’s a hour and three minutes later than sunset around the time of the winter solstice in December. So we’re gaining ever so slowly.

One day, weeks from now, we’ll wake up on a mild morning, look at that patch of mud on the sunny corner of the house and we’ll see it. The first green shoot of spring.

Sigh. What did I do with that copy of Vermont Life?

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