Treasure chest

I’m trying to figure out how to turn a weird scar on my chest into either a marketing opportunity or a scam.

The scar is a remnant of a small medical saga that started  last summer  and ended yesterday when the doctor pronounced me cured and fit for battle.

The medical problem forced doctors to perform a surgery that  left me with a strange thought-bubble shaped scar on the side of my chest. There’s also an odd bald spot inside the bubble portion of the scar.

Now I have to finish paying the medical bills, so I am wondering if I can put the scar to work. I’ll make the damn thing pay for itself,

Since the scar does look like a thought bubble, maybe I can rent advertising space on it, you know, use the thought bubble to convey a product endorsement. The advertiser can pay me to walk around without a shirt. (Of course, there are many who would pay me big money just to keep my shirt on.)

Just think how we can use this thought bubble scar. With the lack of hair in this one patch, we can write, “This smooth patch of skin brought to you by Nair.”

Or since it’s close to my armpit, we can write, “This  sweet smelling spot brought to you by Speed Stick.”

I’m sure the advertisers are going to start busting down my door as soon as they read this.

If the advertising idea doesn’t work out, I’ll go the scam route. I’ll just tell everybody that the scar is left over from where my cojoined twin was. I can tearfully say I am looking for my long lost twin and could you give me money to help me find him.

Nah, I’m a lousy liar, and I couldn’t be that mean to people. Besides, some clown with a matching scar is sure to turn up, claiming to be my long lost twin.

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