Ad win

I’m simultaneously fascinated and horrified by advertising.
Advertising is so obiquitous, always assaulting us with demands to buy this, do that, fix this, and if you don’t your life is worthless, we’re told.

“Leave me alone!” I want to scream.

At the same time, readers of this blog know I’m intrigued by some advertisements, and am captivated by the artistry, persuasiveness and creativity of a few ads.

To illustrate both of the above points, look no further than the Superbowl last Sunday. Seems most of the attention went toward the relatively quality of the Superbowl ads, and not how the game went. (Uh, the New Orleans Saints won, right?)

Hell, I’m a consumer, too, so I paid attention to many of the Superbowl ads. I’ll weigh in with my favorite. It was from  Google.

I’m no rabid fan of Google, but I loved their  Superbowl advertisement because it was sweet, simple, and effective, without hitting us over the head with the obvious or yelling at us.

 It must have been hard to figure out a way to show viewers how wonderful Google searches supposedly are.  But Google did it. The pitch worked on me,  as I did a Google search to find a video of the ad for this post.

They pulled it off by telling a nice, clever, no-frills  little story that surprises the viewer with an unexpected emotional whallop.   I love well-crafted stories, which is why the ad drew me in. 

Watch it:

The only creepy thing about this ad is it proves that if anybody gets their hands on how you did Google searches, they can figure out nearly everything about your life.

2 Responses to “Ad win”

  1. Denis Says:

    that was a really cool and extremely effective ad. makes me wish i had seen all the other ads too.

  2. mattalltrades Says:

    Anybody who wants to take the time to see the Superbowl ads, and since there are so many, it will take a lot of time, can try to view most of them. Or do a YouTube search.
    Probably would have been easier to just watch the Superbowl. though

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