Seat Belted

I’m afraid I’m poaching from Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish blog for two days in a row now, but in this case I can’t resist. 

He posted the YouTube video here, a public service ad touting the benefits of wearing seat belts. Sounds civic minded and boring as hell, but watch it; the ad makes its point so well.

I’ll add my little public service announcement. On Oct. 5, 2000, a semi truck traveling at 50 mph smashed into the driver’s side of my little pickup truck. Luckily it hit behind the cab. My truck spun wildly into a marsh. The bed of my truck was largely swept away.

Whoever called 911 saw my truck and called it in as a fatal accident. An  investigating Vermont State Police officer said there was nearly a 100 percent chance the collision would have killed me but for one saving grace: I was wearing my seat belt.

I wasn’t hurt badly, and was back at work in less than a week and fully recovered in a little more than a month. One of my injuries was a large diagnonal bruise across my torso that looked like a macabre Miss America sash. That bruise was the mark of the seat belt, left there as it was saving my life.

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