A New York Minute

I have a few random  questions regarding my trip last weekend to New York:

—Did the guy who was selling “Obama condoms” in Times Square have a lucrative evening Friday?

—Speaking of selling, why were there such huge throngs of people actually buying the knockoffs of designer goods? And why did one entrepreneur have handbags from “Goochi” and not “Gucci?”

— Could I have gone to Radio City Music Hall and danced like a Rockette, even though I’m the wrong gender and REALLY don’t have the legs for it?

— Who pays the electric light bill for Times Square and how expensive is it? Would it be cheaper if they took advantage of Central Vermont Public Service cow power, if it were available? (the pic of Times Square shows me, enjoying all the lights)

—- At the chi chi foo-foo Versace store on Fifth Avenue, would I have been thrown out of the place if I’d entered the way I was dressed, in black Carhartts and a fleece jacket?

— Why was the crazy man following us almost the entire hour and a half we roamed around the World Trade Center site?

—-Is there any place on earth more disgusting than the Penn Station men’s room?

— How is it that the hotel could charge $19 for a breakfast consisting of a small bowl of Cheerios, a lame bagel and iffy coffee, while the Carnegie Deli could charge $10 for an omelette big enough to feed the army of a small country?

Should I feel smug that we paid $67 apiece for good tickets to a play, while others paid double that for worse seats?

Should I feel sorry for the actress in “God of Carnage” who must vomit at each of her performances?

Do I want to go back to New York? You bet.

4 Responses to “A New York Minute”

  1. Jeff Says:

    so many questions and so few answers….but I do know I’d buy a ticket to see those legs at Radio City Music Hall, in carharts or out. Ahhhhh, New York.

  2. kim Says:

    I love NYC too. Next time when the weather is warmer and its a little more green, please visit Prospect Park in Brooklyn. So beautiful!

  3. mattalltrades Says:

    Kim: So much to do in NY, as you know. If I take a spring trip, I’ll definitely put Prospect Park on the agenda. Great suggestion

  4. Denis Says:

    you make me want to visit new york so badly now. unfortunately, my friend scott sold his coop that was located 1.5 blocks from times sq. so i can’t stay with him anymore.

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