Hauling away

Among the various things I do is hire myself out for handyman and landscaping work. A particularly fun part of the job is making unwanted things disappear.

I’m often enlisted to clear brush, clean up gardens, get rid of debris, or haul away stuff that has accumulated and gotten in the way. I’ll haul away all kinds of things, Once I got rid of a dead sheep for a client. It was the middle of winter and the ground was too frozen for burial. So I hefted the deceased animal into the bed of my truck, took off and gave the poor sheep an undignified farewell at the county dump.

Winter is a relatively slow time for Matt’s Job Jar, that handyman/landscaping enterprise I have, so I was glad to get a call last week from clients in South Burlington: “Make my living room carpet disappear,” they said.

The South Burlington couple had gotten tired of the 20-year-old carpet in their living room and are going to have a nice hardwood floor installed. So Saturday, I went to work.

The job was easy, and I enjoyed lifting the carpet in four foot wide strips with the help of a boxcutter, getting rid of the padding beneath, and removing the pesky staples left behind that would otherwise get in the way of the new flooring to come.

I was done in a little over three hours, and that includes hauling in my truck the torn up remnants of the carpet to the Chittenden Solid Waste District drop off center.  I was glad to hear from the homeowner that he thought things went much faster than he would have predicted.

I like to work fast. Not recklessly, but fast. The only thing worse than having things lying around that you don’t want is the transition time between the beginning and the end of the job. People are more at ease when the work is done, so I’m willing to oblige.  Plus I’m physically strong, so it feels good to really tear into a project with gusto.

My niche is helping people who do most of their home and landscape planning, home projects and improving themselves. But inevitably, they get overwhelmed by the enormity of preparing the gardens, or hacking back the brush overtaking their property, or ridding the house of junk, or just improving the appearance of whatever’s there.

That’s where I come in. I give people a boost, get them caught up, so they have the courage to go back into the garden or the home improvement project undaunted.   I’ll do as little or as much as a customer wants. That’s my niche, and it’s one I really enjoy. Yeah, I get dirty and sweaty, but that to me is a sign I got something accomplished. The contrast of physical work from my gig as a writer also fuels my creativity.

I end up feeling great after a nice rugged job. Just like I did when I finished up in South Burlington on Saturday.

2 Responses to “Hauling away”

  1. Denis Says:

    this makes me want to hire you!

  2. Matt Sutkoski Says:

    Thanks, Denis. I think I owe you some work gratis!

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