Bumpy health care

This video is really making the rounds  in all kinds of blogs, and I might as well add it to this one, it’s so good. It shows what air travel would be like if it were run like the health care industry. It’s based on a September article in the National Journal by Jonathan Rauch

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I watched it, but I’m sure you will be nodding your head in recognition of the situation when you see it. And it raises such a good point. An efficient health care system, one with lower costs and far fewer headaches, is impossible, say the apologists who are raking in the cash with the current system, and would lose out if there were real health care reform. Insurers can make huge improvements in efficiency, but they have no incentive to. At least that’s what my hunch is.

I’m not saying the airline industry is perfect, but the health industry as portrayed in the video, and in the reality I’ve seen, raises my suspicions. If some entity makes things so convoluted and Rube Goldbergian that it’s impossible to understand, that means they are screwing you over. 

At least that’s my cynical view. But I bet my cynicism is accurate. What do you think? Send in some comments.

One Response to “Bumpy health care”

  1. kim Says:

    Loved the video. It’ll be interesting to see what they do to this bill before it gets to the Prez’s desk to sign.

    Denis suggested I send you the video a commenter on Huffpo sent on time-lapsed video. Its very pretty.

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