Huge snow

Burlington today had its biggest snowstorm on record, according to the National Weather Service in South Burlington. Last I knew they were closing in on three feet. The old record for their biggest snowstorm was 29.7 inches

I’ve been updating that situation all day on my other blog at the Burlington Free Press, called Weather Rapport. Check it out.

This was a perfect storm for me. I’m a weather geek, so I love it when the weather breaks records spectacularly, as it did today. But the storm focused its fury on the Burlington area, leaving most of the rest of Vermont with much less snow than the Queen City, for a change.

Which was great for me. As much as I like big snows, I’m not keen on shoveling three feet of snow out of my long driveway. I’m too cheap to hire a snow plow guy to do it.

Here in St. Albans, we got about 14 inches. That was a good amount. I spent much of the day shoveling, but I didn’t really mind too much. Three feet of snow would have translated to six foot tall, or more snowbanks. That would have been a bit much.

The picture shows my house and truck as I was digging out today. Hmmm. that drift on the roof is a little disconcerting. I might have to climb up there and get rid of that.

The cold air was good for me. The winter darkness is enervating, so the vigorous exercise and the snow laden blasts of wind lashing around me did a world of good. It woke me up from a winter stupor.

We can all fall into ruts with our exercise programs, doing the same thing each time we hit the gym or the running trail.

I blew off the gym today, and worked muscles differently than usual, hoisting shovel fulls of powder atop my growing snowbanks. Some of the snowbanks  were chest high.

Yesterday, as the storm was just getting going, I had the opportunity to  ride along with a state snow plow driver. The photo is a plow truck cab view Saturday of Interstate 89 somewhere between St. Albans and Georgia.

It felt good to feel the rumble of the plows in front of and to the sides of the truck. Something about the feeling of mechanical power is reassuring, no matter what the cirucmstance. Bob, the truck driver, kept the mood light, and remarked how well all the motorists were behaving, for a change.

Most snowy days,  he said, a lot of people end up in the ditch, the victims of lead foot. Let’s all get to work safely tomorrow, shall we?

2 Responses to “Huge snow”

  1. kim Says:

    Its good weather to stay at home and peep out the window. I saw a NYT post on Lady Gaga that you may have already seen.

    Have a safe old time collecting weather data…

  2. mattalltrades Says:

    Saw the article, didn’t see the slide show until you showed me here. Thanks, Kim.
    Boy, the NYT writer HATED her music, though. Everybody’s taste is different.

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