Messy in, gorgeous out

Yesterday was one of the winter days I’ve been looking for. Snowy and cold, but warm and dry inside.   I could get going on some indoor painting projects, all the while glancing out the window at the beauty of winter.

The previous owner of my house had some interesting painting ideas. The walls had dark, bland colors. Forest green. Battleship gray. Dirty slate blue. Worse, he slapped paint everywhere, spattering drops and dabs of it everywhere. On the windows, the floors, the cupboards, the ceiling. How the hell did he get drops of paint UNDER the floorboards?

Picture the decor of the house under this guy as Cheech and Chong meet Jackson Pollack.

The house gets a lot of sun, so I’m painting the walls a warm white, with a hint of a yellow undertone. Trim is deep red. Sounds odd and I don’t know how it will work, but it’s mine so I’m doing it. Martha Stewart is probably turning over in her grave and she isn’t even dead yet.

Yesterday, I started to tackle the kitchen. As the indoor picture shows, I was struck by the ugliness of the construction zone that had was the inside of the house, with the dirty sheets protecting things, the possessions scattered everywhere to avoid paint drops. Life in a garbage dump.

Meanwhile the outdoor photo of my yard shows the calm beauty of the snow. Every snowflake seemed to land in the perfect spot, with everything smoothly  and intricately covered with what looks like a precisely planned white blanket.

Maybe I should have had the snow gods paint my walls. They’d sure be neater and more efficient.

I felt warmly domestic as I worked, shuddering at the radio reports of all the car accidents on the roads. For me, the only accidents were a few drops of paint on the sheets and drop cloths.

I’ve got a lot of work left to do on the house walls, but I finally started in earnest for another winter. I’ll work indoors until the warm weather in the spring draws me into my long list of outdoor projects. Maybe I’ll actually have the kitchen done by April. Yeah, right.

2 Responses to “Messy in, gorgeous out”

  1. Denis Says:

    what is it with these “yeah, right” dude, your attitude has got to change.

    i especially like your 6th paragraph. if you’re weren’t already a writer i’d tell you to be one!

  2. mattalltrades Says:

    I need to change my attitude? Yeah, Right.
    Seriously. I have so much I want to accomplish that the “Yeah, Rights” reflect the fact I will have to prioritize what needs to get done. Some things, like a fully repainted kitchen, might be put on the back burner.

    But even if I don’t get EVERYTHING done, I will indeed accomplish things in 2010.
    And thanks for the kind words. They really help!

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