Most people designate New Years Day as a time for fresh beginnings, but for me, it’s a process that starts the day after Christmas and continues through the New Year. What can I say, I move slowly.

As of yesterday, December 26, the disruption of Christmas is over, and I can think about moving on into the new year. Yesterday was Boxing Day, my favorite holiday of the year because Christmas is over.  

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas was fun, but I if I hear “Deck the Halls” one more time, I would surely deck somebody, anybody.  

You’d think I’d hate Boxing Day, because where it’s celebrated, in places like Canada and the UK, it’s the big shopping day of the year, kind of like the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. According to the Canadian Press, it was a zoo at the malls north of the border. 

And is the picture from the Telegraph of London shows, there were crowds there.  To think I considered going to Montreal yesterday. I’d rather live in a hornet’s nest for a weekend that shop like that. Thank goodness we don’t go too nuts in the United States for Boxing Day. I guess we’re all exhausted and broke by now. 

So I spent Boxing Day sorting through my, well, boxes, putting my gifts away, and putting my Christmas supplies back in storage. I ate some of the fattening food I got for the holiday, to clear that deck so I can eat healthy for the New Year. 

By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, I will have completed my optimistic transition into Resolution Mode, where I will spend 2010 becoming fitter than ever and stop deficit spending and work really hard on writing and finding ways to boost my  income. 

Ambitious yes, but since things inevitably slide, maybe a few good habits will stick in 2010. Yeah, right.

3 Responses to “Transitions…”

  1. kim Says:

    I’m just hoping for a very simple year and everybody will be nicer to one another. No getting on planes with bombs strapped to their nad’s, people will begin to think about the earth and not about themselves, and take joy in simple things. Maybe jobs will start if people start being nicer.

    That’s my new years wish…. hope yours goes well too!

  2. mattalltrades Says:

    Thanks, Kim for those warm wishes for 2010. I especially like your desire for a “simple year” I hope we are all so lucky to get that. Happy New Year, Kim!

  3. Denis Says:

    matt, you have to be more optimistic regarding your resolutions otherwise, you’re right, “yeah, right.”

    kim, i like your desire for the new year too.

    happy new year to you both!

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