Dark December

It’s a dark, dank dreary December Monday in Vermont, which pleases me to no end. The Web cam image to the right here says it all. It’s taken from UVM, looking out at a gloomy Lake Champlain early Monday afternoon.

It’s such a welcome antidote to the fake Christmas cheer that is continuously being stuffed down our throats this time of year.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t begrudge anyone who genuinely loves the Christmas season. To them, I say, go ahead and do those cartwheels and hand stands and land right in Santa’s lap. Just leave me out of it.

 I’ve always had a troubled relationship with Christmas and I’ve finally figured out why. Though I’m almost always a happy person, I don’t like people TELLING me what emotion to have.   And Christmas is all about people ordering us to be cheerful or else.

Don’t tell me I must stop looking at Santa’s reindeer and thinking, “Hmmm. Venison.”

Don’t tell me I must think Alvin the Chipmunk is the cutest thing in the world, when I want to wring his squeaky little neck.

And retailers, don’t whine when I don’t max out my credit card buying gifts nobody wants. Don’t whine when I want to enjoy my friends’ and relatives’ company, not their gift wrapping skills.

So I will revel in this beautifully gray, drizzly day. This is the kind of day for quiet, pensive reflection. Amid the panicked glitz of Christmas time, this is a day to be savored.

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