Gaga over Gaga

I’ll admit right off that I have a Lady Gaga obsession.  I know that’s a little strange for a middle aged, decidedly unstylish, Carhartt wearing guy from Vermont, but there you go.

Lady Gaga is odd and dark and tacky and kinky and strong.   She offers a way to look at the other side, the side that in real life is too scary, too weird, too unforgiving to get into.  She does it all while being  deliciously, seductively uninhibited. You just want to go there, despite the risks.   She knows enough to leaven her schtick with a good dose of humor.

The lyrics to her songs veer off into lines that are so intentionally tasteless you can only love them:

“This beat is sick. I want to take a ride on your disco stick.”

“Russian roulette is not the same without a gun”

“We like boys in cars/Buy us drinks in bars”

“I want your love. I want your revenge. You and me could write a bad romance.”

The sex appeal is harsh, rough and a bit twisted, and to me, genuinely funny.  Her performance art outfits are heavy on the latex, garters, strong colors. Her songs and videos suggest the harsh games of sex, and how it can hurt. The Bad Romance video ends with the remains of her latest conquest. She’s in a scorched bed, sparks blasting from her brassierre, a charred skeleton of what was a man beside her. Ouch. And perfect.

Lady Gaga’s critics say she’s just another pop vixen moving the merchandise.  But she’s in business. Of course she wants to move the merchandise. She wants people to buy her songs, go to her concerts, and whatnot. If you offer something unique, intriguing and fun, people will buy it. And like it.

Lady Gaga offers some lessons for people like me. I could never go as far as her in being out there. But if I take some calculated risks, or try to be a little edgy in my writing, my landscaping, my life, anything, the chances are an audience will develop. Even if not, at least I’m having a little fun, and I’m not bored or boring as I make the journey.

One Response to “Gaga over Gaga”

  1. Denis Says:

    you’re right. in a bizarre way, lady gaga is a great role model. wow…who knew.

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